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Boaz Nadler


Department of Computer Science
and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science
P.O.Box 26, Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Tel: (972) 8 934 2856
Fax: (972) 8 934 6023
Email: boaz.nadler(at)


       Welcome to my website !

       My main research interests are mathematical statistics, statistical machine learning,
       more generally applied mathematics, and applications in various scientific domains,
       including optics, image and signal processing.

      Studies at the Weizmann Institute are in English, and we have both Israeli as well as foreign students.
      I am occasionally looking for excellent students and post-docs with a strong mathematical background
      and basic coding skills (e.g. Matlab / R).
      For more information, for both phd/post-doc candidates, see the website of the Feinberg graduate school.
      In you are an undergraduate student interested in summer internship, look for undergraduate programs here



Teaching: (Fall 2015)
Introduction to Statistical Inference and Learning

How to prepare and give a good talk

Ratio of Largest Eigenvalue to Trace
of a Wishart Matrix, with Matlab Code

Unsupervised Ensemble Learning

Learning Parametric Output
Hidden Markov Models

On the Distribution of Roy's Largest Root
under rank one alternatives

Sublinear-Time Edge Detection
with MATLAB code