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June 2016 - New Full Version Available!

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     David Harel and Rami Marelly

     2016 Version - Done with the aid of Yaarit Natan

    Weizmann Institute of Science


This website is the internet companion site for the following book, and for the Play-Engine software tool that is available for download here.

The book describes a language (live sequence charts, or LSCs), two techniques (play-in and play-out), and a supporting tool (the Play-Engine), for capturing reactive behavior in a scenario-based fashion. Play-in is a convenient way to 'play' scenario-based behavior directly from the system's graphical user interface (GUI), and play-out makes it possible to execute the behavior on the GUI as if it were programmed in a conventional state-based fashion. All this is implemented in full in the Play-Engine.

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The website allows you to download Play-Engine, view pre-recorded demos of the Play-Engine in action, to send in comments and to report errors, both on the book and on the software. 

The Play-Engine does not work on Macintosh computers. Also, a screen resolution of at least 800x600 is needed for the site, though 1280x1024 is better for the demos.


The Book:

We welcome comments about text of the book, including apparent errors or unclear passages.  Please do not send such messages to our personal email addresses. Rather, click here to send your message to our special playbook address (or email directly yourself to

We will periodically post an updated list of errata here:


The Software:

The latest version available for download is version 4.6.0 from 2016 (June).

For those who do not want to use the Play-Engine software themselves, or who want to see it in operation prior to using it, we have prepared some pre-recorded demos. To view these, click here:

As with the text of the book, we welcome comments and bug reports on the Play-Engine software.  Please do not send such messages to our personal email addresses. Rather, click here to send your message to our special Play-Engine address  (or email directly yourself to

As more people use the Play-Engine, and as comments and bug reports accumulate, we will attempt to improve the software, making it more stable. From time to time we will also be adding new features. By clicking below you will be able to check for, and download, the software updates:


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