Graduate Students in Control
GSC 2011

11 April 2011
Wolfson Lecture Hall
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot


9:00–9:35   Gathering and Registration

9:35–9:40   Opening Remarks

09:40   A Reduction of Planar Topological Infinite-Horizon Optimization to Periodic Optimization
  Ido Bright, Weizmann Institute. Supervisor: Zvi Artstein

10:00   Linear Optimal State Estimation in Systems with Independent Mode Transitions
  Daniel Sigalov, Technion. Supervisor: Yaakov Oshman

10:20   Robust State Dependant Switching of Linear Systems with Dwell Time
  Liron I. Allerhand, Tel Aviv University. Supervisor: Uri Shaked

10:40   Optimal Covariance Selection for Estimation Using Graphical Models
  Sergey Vichik, Technion. Supervisor: Yaakov Oshman

11:00–11:20   Coffee Break

11:20   Fold Change Detection and Scalar Symmetry of Sensory Input Fields
  Oren Shoval, Weizmann Institute. Supervisor: Uri Alon

11:40   Stochastic Calculus and an Associated Control Problem for a Wide Class of Gaussian Processes
  Alon Kipnis, Ben Gurion University. Supervisor: Daniel Alpay

12:00   Investigation of Techniques to Improve High Weights Lifting by Robotic Manipulators
  Sergy Stepura, Technion. Supervisor: Joshua Dayan

12:20   Near Optimal Control of a Grid-Connected Storage System
  Doron Lifshitz, Tel Aviv University. Supervisor: George Weiss

12:40   Motion control of a servo-pneumatic actuated quadruped robot
  Eddie Zisser, Ben Gurion University. Supervisors: Amir Shapiro, Raziel Reimer

13:00–14:10  Lunch Break

14:10   An Overview Plenary Lecture: Extremum Seeking Control Using Small Oscillations
George Weiss, Tel Aviv University

14:50   Quasi-analytical Describing Function for the Karnopp Stick-Slip Friction Mode
  Arkady Lichtsinder, Technion. Supervisor: Per-Olof Gutman

15:10   Sampled-Data Stabilization and Round Robin Scheduling: a New Lyapunov-Based Approach
  Kun Liu, Tel Aviv University. Supervisors: Emilia Fridman and Uri Shaked

15:30   New Family of Topological Rings with Applications in Linear Systems
  Guy Salomon, Ben Gurion University. Supervisor: Daniel Alpay

15:50   L2 Optimal FIR Reconstructor
Yaron Levinson, Technion. Supervisor: Leonid Mirkin

16:10–16:30   Coffee Break

16:30  A Maximum Principle for Positive Bilinear Control Systems
  Lior Fainshil, Tel Aviv University. Supervisor: Michael Margaliot

16:50   A Minimum Acceleration Criterion for Object Manipulation
  Raz Leib, Ben Gurion University. Supervisor: Amir Karniel

17:10   Robot Navigation with Velocity Constraints
  Gil Manor, Technion. Supervisor: Eylon Rimon

17:30   A Pontryagin Maximum Principle for Boolean Control Networks
  Dmitriy Laschov, Tel Aviv University. Supervisor: Michael Margaliot

17:50   Modeling and Control of Traveling Waves in Flexible Structures
  Lea Sirota, Technion. Supervisor: Yoram Halevi

18:10  Conclusion