Graduate Students in Control — GSC 2006

April 3, 2006, Lecture Room 5, The Feinberg Graduate School
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

9:00–9:35 Gathering and Registration

9:35–9:40 Opening Remarks

09:40 On State Nulliflcation and Combinatorial Games.
Gera Weiss, Weizmann, Supervisor: Zvi Artstein.

10:00 Non-Linear Dynamic Model for Helical and Spur Gears with Application to Control.
Elad Taig, TAU, Supervisor: Oded Yaniv.

10:20 Integrated Guidance-Control of Highly Maneuverable Missile with On-Off Actuators.
Amir Koren, Technion, Supervisors: Moshe Idan and Oded Golan.

10:40 Generalized Nyquist Criterion and Generalized Bode Diagram for Analysis and Synthesis of Uncertain Control Systems.
Arie Nakhmani, Technion, Supervisors: Ezra Zeheb and Michael Lichtsinder.

11:00–11:20 Coffee Break

11:20 Robust Approach to a Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Power Systems.
Vitaly Spitsa, Technion, Supervisors: Ezra Zeheb and Abraham Alexandrovitz.

11:40 Model Reduction of Uncertain Systems.
Yuri Dolgin, Technion, Supervisor: Ezra Zeheb.

12:00 Minimum Acceleration Criterion with Constraints Implies Bang-Bang Control as an Underlying Principle for Optimal Trajectories of Arm Reaching Movements.
Shay Ben-Itzhak, Technion, Supervisors: Amir Karniel and Gideon Inbar.

12:20 The Fuzzy Ant.
Valeri Rozin, TAU, Supervisor: Michael Margaliot.

12:40 Controlled Electric Drives Based on Stochastic Calculation Techniques.
Ahmad Alyan, BGU, Supervisor: Raul Rabinovici.

13:00–14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Optimal Frequency Weighted Model Reduction.
Stanislav Rachman, Technion, Supervisor: Yoram Halevi.

14:50 Lyapunov-based Stability Analysis Automated by Genetic Programming.
Benyamin Grosman, Technion, Supervisor: Daniel Lewin.

15:10 Queueing Systems with Many Servers: Null Controllability in Heavy Traffic.
Gennady Shaikhet, Technion, Supervisor: Rami Atar.

15:30 Effects of a Partial Lag on the Achievable Performance of the H\inf Fixed-Lag Smoothing.
Maxim Kristalny, Technion, Supervisor: Leonid Mirkin.

15:50 Model-Based Control of Fuel Cells for Optimal Efficiency.
Joshua Golbert, Technion, Supervisor: Daniel Lewin.

16:10–16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 Online Motion Planning for Multiple Robots Obtaining a Common Goal.
Shahar Sarid, BGU, Supervisor: Amir Shapiro.

16:50 Particle Filtering-Based Algorithms for Spacecraft Attitude.
Avishy Carmi, Technion, Supervisor: Yaakov Oshman.

17:10 Robust Discrete-Time Simplified Adaptive Control.
Rabin Ben-Yamin, TAU, Supervisors: Uri Shaked and Isaac Yaesh.

17:30 Info-Gap Filter for Control and Estimation.
Carmit Keren, Technion, Supervisors: Miriam Zacksenhouse and Yaakov Ben-Haim.