the abacist vs the algorist

Laura Peskin

Email: lpeskin at standard Weizmann domain
Office: 212 Goldsmith

I'm a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. I'm interested in modular representations (in both senses of the word `modular'!), and I mainly work on mod-p representations of p-adic groups. Here's my CV.


On the Iwahori Hecke algebra of the metaplectic group in characteristic p, in preparation.

Supersingular representations of the metaplectic cover of SL_2(Q_p), in preparation.

Irreducible admissible mod-p representations of metaplectic groups (with Karol Koziol), 2017.
To appear in Manuscripta Mathematica. Print version here, arxiv version here

A classification of the irreducible admissible genuine mod p representations of p-adic SL(2)-tilde, 2014, arxiv version here


Universal spherical Hecke modules in characteristic p for p-adic SL(2)-tilde, 2014

Spherical Hecke algebras and bimodules for p-adic GL(2)-tilde, 2014

Past Teaching

UBC Math 312: Introduction to Number Theory, Summer 2015

UBC Math 312: Introduction to Number Theory, Fall 2014

UBC Math 105: Integral Calculus, Spring 2014