Weizmann Institute of Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science




Wednesday 28 March, 2007

Ziskind Building, Room 1




9:00-9:30 -   Registration


9:30-11:00    First session


Yehonatan Elon (Weizmann Institute)

            Critical properties of Helmholtz eigenvalues


Ori Gurel-Gurevich (Weizmann Institute)

            Recurrence of SRW paths


Nir Auerbach (Weizmann Institute)

            Modified circular billiards


Or Zuk (Weizmann Institute)

            Entropy rate of hidden Markov processes

11:00 - Coffee break

11:15-12:30   Second Session


Uri Shapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

           Dynamics on homogeneous spaces

Lior Fishman (Ben Gurion University)

           Diophantine approximations


Yonatan Gutman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

          On processes which cannot be distinguished by finite observations

Tom Meyerovitch (Tel Aviv University)

          Entropy of cellular automata


12:30  Group Photograph on steps of Ziskind building

12:40 -14:30  Lunch





14:30-15:45   Third Session


Roni Ben-David (Bar Ilan University)

          Set-indexed point processes


Yair Shaki (Bar Ilan University)

           Renewal cox process in Rd

Yoni Nazarathy (Haifa University)

         Transient fluid solutions and queueing networks with infinite
         virtual queues


Nathan Levy (Technion)

          Lyapunov exponents in wireless communication





15:45  Coffee break



16:00-17:30   Fourth  Session


Sreekar Vadlamani (Technion)

          Stochastic flows driven by fractional Brownian motion

Anna Levit (Technion)

          Long range order and giant component of quantum random graphs

Haran Pilpel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

          Combinatoric applications of representations of the symmetric group

Nathan Keller (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

          Correlation of monotone families

Ariel Yadin (Weizmann Institute)

          Diffusion-limited aggregation