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Algebraic Geometry and  Representation Theory
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Flags, Quivers and Invariant Theory in Lie Representation Theory

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J. Bernstein (Tel Aviv University)

M. Gorelik (Weizmann)

V. Hinich ( University of Haifa )

A. Joseph (Weizmann)

A. Melnikov (University of Haifa)

A. Reznikov  (Bar-Ilan University)



   C. Hoyt

   L. Fresse


Ph. D. Students:

Sh. Reif




MSc. Students:

D. Shafrir




Research Domains

The study of primitive spectrum of enveloping algebras and quantum groups particularly with respect to the construction of completely prime ideals, the determination of invariants such as Goldie rank and associated varieties.

The study of differential operators rings and their role in quantization.

The study of geometric objects associated to the orbit method, in particular orbital varieties, their inclusion relations and character formulae, ideals of definition particularly of orbital varieties and of B-orbits.

The use of crystal graphs to study representation theory of Kac-Moody algebras. In particularly the existence of Demazure flags and the structure of loop modules.

The study of KPRV determinants in the super, quantum and affine cases.

The determinantion of semiinvariants in the symmetric algebras of parabolic subalgebras and their maximal Poisson commutative subalgebras.

The study of invariant functionals on automorphic representations and of adelic variants of Frobenius reciprocity.




Winter Solstice Workshop         December 28-29, 2004

Workshop on Representation Theory of Lie Algebraic Systems          December 17-23, 2006

Winter master Class on Enveloping Algebras and Related Topics          December 17-23, 2006

Seminars and Courses


  1. Weekly seminar "Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry"

  2. Courses:

Lie algebras, their representations and crystals (PS file),    A. Joseph, Spring 2004

An introductory course on braids (PS file) ,                      F. Deloup, Fall 2004

Selected topics in representation theory (PS file) ,         A. Joseph, Fall 2003

Introduction to representation theory ,                              M. Gorelik, Fall 2004

Eigenslices for parabolic actions I,                                A. Joseph, June, 2005

Eigenslices for parabolic actions II,                                A. Joseph, June, 2005

Invariants and Slices for reductive and biparabolic coadjoint actions,          A. Joseph, January, 2009



Doctoral and Post-Doctoral positions

Two post-doctoral positions for 6 months at roughly 2000$ per month in local currency are available.

In addition the Feinberg School at the Weizmann Institute supports both doctoral and post-doctoral positions.

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