Oded and Dana click 4 more on Travel (2004-11)


In the late Spring, we were in Chicago click for more and in Maine. click for more

In the late summer, we went for a week in Spain and a day in Portugal click 4 more

In the Fall, we went to Rome. click 4 more


This year we travelled little and close by: to Turkey. click
for more


In the Spring, we were in China click for more.

In the summer, we were a few days in England click 4 more and then a few days in Spain click 4 more.


Berlin berlin, Dresden dresden, and Pargue prague

En route to STOC we passed through Paris paris paris

RANDOM'07 was located close to NYC nyc nyc nyc

On the way
to attending a
Dagstuhl workshop,
Oded visited Reims reims. After the workshop
he visited Aachen aachen,
on his way to meet Dana
in Amsterdam a-dam


Escaping I-Day in Dublin dub

Summer: workshop in Dagstuhl dag, (Random'08) conference in Cambridge dag, and fun in NYC dag

In the Fall, we were in China click 4 more.


Oded went to TCC'09, which took place in San Francisco (on March 15-17), but refused to take a camera.
This is a pity, since he had an amazing view of the city and the bay from his hotel room.

Oded went to Eurocrypt, which took place in Koln click 4 more and this time he took the camera...

We both went to RANDOM'09, but the pictures are from stop-overs click 4 more (in NYC and Zurich).


Oded particupated in the ITCS Property Testing workshop click for more (January)

Berlin berlin berlin berlin (April)

Nazereth nazereth nazereth nazereth (May)

Bonn (only oded) Bonn Bonn Bonn (May)

RANDOM'10 in Barcelona BCN and vacation in Provence PRV (Sept)


Rosh Pina (IL) rosh pina (January)

Paris paris paris (April)

A workshop in Bertinoro and a couple of days in the rest of Italy Berti Berti (May)

Starting 2012, we are posting photos mainly on Oded's google account.

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