Some notices of the Forum for Public Education

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Preface (by O.G.)

According to neo-liberalism, any aspect of human life is subject to the rational of capital-gain and has to be administered accordingly. In my opinion, at best, this claim reflects a reversing in the roles of goals and instruments: the main aspects of human life (like education and culture) are of intrinsic value that can not and should not be subjected to the rational of capital-gain, whereas subjecting them to this rational results in degenerated forms of human life. Specifically, education and research can not and should not be administered as production of goods and selling of merchandise.

One of the civil bodies trying to counter-act the application of the aforementioned neo-liberal approach to education is the Forum for Public Education, which places special emphasis on the defense of higher education. Some (Hebrew) notices of this forum are posted below.

See the forum's webpage.

[Last update: Jan 7th, 2008]

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