Jos ve Los

Euology by Oded Goldreich

To most people Jos ve Los was a restaurant, which opened in the mid 2000s, closed (or moved) in October 2014, and the closed again (in May 2017) but is still active (under a different ownership). But for others, herafter called us, it was far more than a restaurant: It was a second home, a special place, an event, a work of art, and maybe all of these.

It was the creation of Alma and Orit. They were the official owners, but in my view they were the curators, chief artists, commissionaires and architects of a communal temple of beauty and love. This on-going creation was featuring excellent food and an artsy but friendly atmosphere for over a decade. Each day (or rather night) was an individual creation sometimes more and sometuimes less similar to the previous one, and all were charming in their own way.

We went there twice and sometimes thrice a week. We missed it badly when on sabbatical in NYC (2011/12). We miss it more now, but its memory keeps us happy.

A song by Rona Kenan, March 2019.

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