On MIT's LCS at the mid 1980's

Oded Goldreich [March 2004]

The following was sent in response to a call for stories regarding MIT's LCS
(on the occation of its move to a new building).

I did not follow all correspondence in this "column", but my impression is that earlier periods (say, late 70's, all of the 80's and early 90's) are not well represented. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to redeem the situation (wrt mid 80's) by recalling the dozens stories from my post-doc period at LCS (1983-86), let alone that most of these stories seem inadequate for such a wide circulation.

(A boring thing that I am willing to say is that my post-doc period at LCS has shaped my entire professional life, and thus much of my entire life.)

To give you an idea of the atmosphere at LCS at the time, let me recall a few of the common activities:

Let me end with one story. (It is the palest story I recall...) At the time I used to dress in a way that was considered weird. (This may still be true nowadays, but only because the dressing code has became even more strict.) Anyhow, when I left at 1986, Silvio held a Goodbye Party, featuring an "Oded Dress-alike Competition" and awarded the first prize to ... Tom (who was conspicuously the most formally dressed one...).

With best wishes for entry into the new "home", Oded

See pictures from the aforementioned party.

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