On the optimal analysis of the collision probability tester

(an exposition of the analysis of Diakonikolas, Gouleakis, Peebles, and Price)

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The collision probability tester, introduced by Goldreich and Ron (ECCC, TR00-020, 2000), distinguishes the uniform distribution over $[n]$ from any distribution that is $\eps$-far from this distribution using $\poly(1/\eps)\cdot{\sqrt n}$ samples. While the original analysis established only an upper bound of $O(1/\eps)^4\cdot{\sqrt n}$ on the sample complexity, a recent analysis of Diakonikolas, Gouleakis, Peebles, and Price (ECCC, TR16-178, 2016) established the optimal upper bound of $O(1/\eps)^2\cdot{\sqrt n}$. In this note we survey their analysis, while highlighting the sources of improvement. Specifically:

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