Oded Goldreich - Old Photos (1980 - 1990)

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Goodbye Party at Silvio's place, 1986

After post-docing at MIT for three years (1983-86), it "was time" to say Goodbye. But actually, this was but another excuse for Silvio to host yet another party. These parties seem to capture the spirit of those days, when research and fun were so intensively mixed.

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Featuring: myself, Benny Chor, Silvio Micali, Shafi Goldwasser and Leonid Levin.


Shimon Even (1935-2004) was my graduate studies adviser (1980-1983). He had a tremendous influence on my professional development: introducing me to theoretical computer science and closely guiding my first steps.

This picture (taken in 1987) is the only one I have of us together.

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Technion, 1990

In my office, Technion 1990.
I never really liked that place, but there were times I was happy in it.
Benny Chor has protested this statement, claiming that I convinced him to join the Technion in 1987. Indeed, I did enjoy some of the benefits of the Technion, and I guess that it would be more fair to say that I had mixed feelings towards the place: There were aspects I did not like and there were aspects that I did enjoy. I feel that such a statement is not inconsistent with the more laconic one above.
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