On the production of the ACM book

Providing Sound Foundations for Cryptography: On the work of Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali

This book, edited by me (Oded Goldreich), will appear in ACM's book series. As stated in the book's webpage, ACM production of this book included re-typing the original papers (for Part II), rather than using facsimiles of these papers, and changing various aspects of the texts of Part III (e.g., the bibliographic conventions and the numbering of theorem-like environments). These production decisions were forced upon the editor, who strongly objected them both for reasons detailed below, and due to the likelihood of errors caused by implementing them.

Neither the editor nor the authors assume responsibility for the errors introduced by the publisher in the process of implementing the foregoing (wrong) decisions. The reader is advised to fetch the original versions of the surveys appearing in Part III from the authors (mine are available here).

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