Two comments regarding

Theory of Computation: A Scientific Perspective

by Oded Goldreich and Avi Wigderson

Our essay was written under severe time pressure and it does contain several mistakes and phrases which are open to misinterpretation. Below we wish to address two major (and unfortunately quite common) misinterpretations.

Although the following point is made explicitly in several key places, some readers (who might have been overwhelmed by our rhetoric) have missed it. The point is that we have neither the intention nor the ability to direct the research of individual scientists other than ourselves. We recommend that each scientist determines his/her own directions based on his/her understanding of the discipline.

Some readers have suspected us of underestimating the effort and challenge involved in transporting a theoretical idea to practice. Nothing can be more wrong. In contrary to others, who believe (or merely say) that such transportation can be by a TOC scientist at a small expense to why he/she considers his/her main activity, we believe that such transportation comes at great expense. This is precisely why we object pressures put on TOC scientists to perform such transportation. (However, we have nothing against TOC members, who following their own understanding of the discipline, decide to work closely to some application area and in particular get involved in transportantion.)

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