Federico Vigolo

Welcome to my home page (last updated on March 2020).
I am currently a post-doc in pure maths at the Weizmann Institute of Science, here is a CV.

You can write me at: vigolo.maths at gmail dot com.

Research interests

My main interests lie in Geometric Group Theory: I am interested in Expander Graphs and their Coarse Geometry; Actions on Metric/Measure Spaces; CAT(0) and Hyperbolic Cube Complexes.

I am in the process of diversifying my areas of expertise. I am now also interested in Dynamics; Operator Algebras; Lie/Algebraic groups; Measured Group Theory.

List of publications and preprints

  1. (joint with U. Bader, A. Leitner) Coarse groups; (coming soon)
  2. (joint with K. Li, J. Zhang) Asymptotic expanders, domains of expansion and strong ergodicity; preprint (2020)
  3. On decompositions into expanders; submitted (2020)
  4. (joint with A. Khukhro, K. Li, J. Zhang) On the structure of asymptotic expanders; submitted (2019)
  5. (joint with R. Kropholler) A new construction of CAT(0) cube complexes; submitted (2018)
  6. Discrete fundamental groups of Warped Cones and expanders; Mathematische Annalen 373, no. 1-2, 355–396, (2019) - arXiv
  7. Fundamental groups as limits of discrete fundamental groups; Bulletin of the LMS 50, no. 5, 801-810, (2018) - arXiv
  8. (joint with T. de Laat) Superexpanders from group actions on compact manifolds; Geometriae Dedicata 200, no. 1, 287–302, (2019) - arXiv
  9. Measure expanding actions, expanders and warped cones; Transactions of the AMS 371, no. 3, 1951–1979, (2019) - arXiv

Other things I wrote

A conference that I organised

Connections to Random Walks, Equidistribution, and Rigidity 5-8 March 2020, Nir David (Israel)
--- postponed last minute due to global pandemic ---

Where you might have seen me


Fall 2019: Riemann Surfaces and Mapping Class Groups

(During my PhD I was a TA for various other courses. A complete list is on my CV)

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