Anirban Basak

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematics department in Weizmann Institute of Science. At Weizmann I am working with Ofer Zeitouni. My research interests lie in probability theory and its application in other fields. In particular I have recently worked on random matrices, statistical physics, (pseudo)-random graphs, and interacting particle system. I can be reached at my email Here is a copy of my CV and research statement.

Previously I was a visiting assistant professor at Duke Mathematics Department. While at Duke I worked with Rick Durrett. Before joining Duke I obtained Ph.D. from Stanford Statistics Department in June, 2014. My thesis advisor was Amir Dembo. Prior to Stanford, I completed B.Stat., and M.Stat. from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In my final year of M.Stat., I wrote a dissertation on random matrices, supervised by Arup Bose.

Published papers
Invertibility of sparse non-Hermitian matrices, with Mark Rudelson. Advances in Mathematics, 310, 426–483, 2017.
Universality of the mean-field for the Potts model , with Sumit Mukherjee. Probability Theory and Related Fields, 168(3), 557-600, 2017.
Ferromagnetic Ising measures on large locally tree-like graphs, with Amir Dembo. The Annals of Probability, 45(2), 780–823, 2017.
Limiting spectral distribution of a class of Hankel type random matrices, with Arup Bose and Soumendu Sundar Mukherjee. Random Matrix Theory and Application, 4(3), 1550010, 2015.
Limiting spectral distribution of sample autocovariance matrices, with Arup Bose and Sanchayan Sen. Bernoulli Journal , 20(3), 1234-1259, 2014.
Limiting spectral distribution of sum of unitary and orthogonal matrices, with Amir Dembo. Electronic Communications in Probability, article 69, 2013.
Limiting spectral distribution of some band matrices, with Arup Bose. Periodica Mathematica Hungarica, 63, 1, 113-150, 2011.
Balanced random Toeplitz and Hankel matrices, with Arup Bose. Electronic Communications in Probability, 15, 134-148, 2010.

Regularization of non-normal matrices by Gaussian noise - the banded Toeplitz and twisted Toeplitz cases, with Elliot Paquette and Ofer Zeitouni. Submitted.
The circular law for sparse non-Hermitian matrices, with Mark Rudelson. Submitted.
Circular law for the sum of random permutation matrices, with Nicholas Cook and Ofer Zeitouni. Submitted.
Diffusion limit for the partner model at the critical value, with Rick Durrett and Eric Foxall. Submitted.
Large subgraphs in pseudo-random graphs, with Shankar Bhamidi, Suman Chakraborty, and Andrew Nobel.
The evolving voter model on thick graphs, with Rick Durrett and Yuan Zhang.

Ongoing research
Condition number of sparse random graphs, with Mark Rudelson. Near completion.
Local circular law for sparse random matrices, with Mark Rudelson. Near completion.
Ferromagnetic Potts model on large locally tree-like graphs, with Amir Dembo and Allan Sly. Manuscript in preparation.

Previous Teaching
MATH 230/STAT 230: Probability (undergraduate); MATH 340/STAT 231: Advanced introduction to probability; MATH 541/STAT 621: Applied stochastic processes; MATH 641: Probability (graduate); MATH 690-40: Topics in probability.