Travel Information

* Arrival *

By Flight:

Arrival to Eilat is independently at your choice. Check with your travel agent if there are direct flights (or Charter flights) to Eilat from your home city. Israel's domestic airline is Arkiya, tel: (03) 690-3333.

If you will be arriving to Israel's Ben-Gurion International airport, please check your arrival time to suit connecting Arkia Airlines flights to Eilat. Connecting flights may depart from one of two airports, Ben-Gurion airport, or Sde Dov airport. There are fewer flights a day to Eilat from Ben-Gurion airport than from Sde Dov airport. There is about a 30 minute drive between airports and this time should be doubled if arriving in rush hour traffic (between 7:00-8:30a.m. and 4:00--7:00p.m. Sunday to Thursday). It is preferable to be one hour in advance of flight time to Eilat from either terminal.

The first flight to Eilat from Ben-Gurion airport departs around 7:00a.m. and the last flight departs at approximately 17:00. The first flight to Eilat from Sde Dov airport departs around 6:00a.m. and the last flight departs at approximately 10:00p.m. There is usually a flight every hour or so from Sde Dov airport. Flight frequency and times of departure change on Fridays and Saturdays with fewer number of flights on these days. (All times of departure are subject to changes.)

Once arriving to Eilat's International Airport, there is a taxi service directly outside of customs. A taxi fare to the hotels should run about US$3.00 (10 NIS).

By Bus:

For participants arriving to Israel, to a destination other than Eilat, it is possible to take a bus to Eilat from most major cities. However, the ticket must be purchased at the bus station, in advance of the trip to guarantee a seat. There are four busses a day to Eilat from Jerusalem. From Tel Aviv there is a bus to Eilat every hour and a half starting around 6:30a.m. until 5:00p.m. and one midnight bus. There is one bus that passes through Rehovot en route to Eilat departing at 7:00a.m. from the Rehovot Central Bus Station. Prices for a round-trip ticket from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Rehovot cost just a little over US$25. All busses from Tel Aviv also pass through Beer Sheva. The Egged Bus Information telephone number in Israel is: (03) 694-8888.

There will be a special conference bus traveling to Eilat on Tuesday, April 4, 2000 departing from Tel Aviv (location still to be determined) and passing through the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (in front of the San Martin Guesthouse). The bus will leave Tel Aviv at 08:00 and arrive to Rehovot at approximately 08:30, continuing on to Jerusalem (if needed) arriving at 09:30 (departure destination still to be determined). The bus will be free of charge. This bus service will also transport participants up north after the conference. Please fax the transportation form to the workshop secretary. You may also write to the workshop secretary stating that you would like to use this service. (Please specify if there will be accompanying persons, and which direction(s) you will require transportation.)

* Departure *

By Flight:

On weekdays, there are a limited number of flights to Ben-Gurion airport starting at 08:35 and ending at around 18:30. To Sde Dov airport there are flights roughly every hour starting at 06:05 and ending at 21:50. On Friday there is one flight to Ben Gurion Airport, at approximately 12:30. To Sde Dov airport, flights start at 07:00 and continue until 17:50. On Saturdays, flights start at around 15:00 and finish at around 21:30 to both airports. There are roughly six flights to Ben-Gurion Airport on Saturday night, and many more to Sde Dov Airport. (All times of departure are subject to changes.)

By Bus:

For participants not flying home directly from Eilat's international airport after the conference, nor taking post-conference tours, a special bus has been hired for transporting participants up north. As the conference will finish Tuesday afternoon, the bus will arrive late evening to its northern destinations. This bus will travel through Jerusalem (if needed), Rehovot and arrive to Tel Aviv. Please fax us the transportation form or write to the workshop secretary stating you would like to use this service.