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Alex Biryukov

E-mail:  cutthespamm^abiryuko@esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Course: Methods of Cryptanalysis
Publications:  Conference, workshop papers  for download
Homepage: At the COSIC group, ESAT, K.U.Leuven.
Adi Shamir 

Brief Bio

Alex Biryukov is currently a visiting professor at K.U.Leuven (ESAT, COSIC group), Belgium, working with Prof. Bart Preneel. Alex is participating in the development of European standards for Signature, Integrity and Encryption Schemes (NESSIE project).

Alex was previously a post-doc at the Computer Science faculty of Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel), working with Prof. Adi Shamir. He has taught a graduate course on "Methods of Cryptanalysis" in Spring 2000 semester at Weizmann. Alex Biryukov is actively involved in cryptographic research, often gives talks at the international conferences and workshops, consults in applied cryptography. He has served as a program committee member of CRYPTO'2000 conference.

Alex has completed in 1994 his M.Sc. on "Cryptanalysis and Improvement of the Data Encryption Standard" at the Technion,(Haifa, Israel) under supervision of Prof. Eli Biham. He has completed his Ph.D in 1999 on "Methods of Cryptanalysis" at the Technion, (Haifa, Israel) under supervision of Prof. Shimon Even and Prof. Eyal Kushilevitz. He is a member of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) since 1994.

His expertise includes all aspects of analysis and design of secure cryptographic primitives and protocols. Interests include all aspects of information security, knowledge management, data-mining, computer-intelligence, algorithms.

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