• A map of the Weizmann Institute Campus
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    Ziskind building (Math. faculty) is #24 on map.
  • A city map of the area in Rehovot adjacent to the Institute
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    Workshop refreshments and lunches

  • From Monday to Friday refreshments will be served in the tea room of Ziskind building.
  • From Monday, 1 July till Wednesday 3 July the lunches will take place at San-Martin (#25 on map).
  • On Thursday, 4 July the lunch will take place at Jubilee Plaza (#31 on map).
  • On Friday, 5 July the lunch will take place at Charlie's Place (#15 on map).

    Cafeterias and Restaurants

    On Campus: Wix Library (#3 on map) serves coffee, sandwiches and cakes (9:00-15:00 Sunday to Thursday and 9:00-13:30 Friday).
    Charlie's Place (#15 on map) serves vegetable and fish dishes (8:00-17:00 Sunday to Thursday).
    There is a mini-market (near 17 on map) where some provisions may be bought (8:00-19:00 Sunday to Thursday and 8:00-14:00 on Friday).

    Outside Campus: There are many places to eat on the main street (Herzel) in Rehovot and in the Science City.
    The latter is at the entrance to Rehovot coming from Tel-Aviv. It may be reached from the Institute by turning right (northwards) at the Bloch gate and walking 200-300 meters (crossing the railroad lines).


    A common account for telnet sessions will be available during the workshop and participants may use the terminals in the computer halls in the basement of Ziskind Building. The login and password will be announced before the first lectures on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


    Shekels may be bought at a counter in the luggage hall of Ben-Gurion airport (before passing through customs). This is convenient for small amounts. There is also a bank in the departure hall. more serious transactions can be effected at Bank Leumi at Jubilee Plaza (#31 on map) It is open 9:00-14:30 Sunday to Thursday or at banks in the main street of Rehovot.

    Recreation Center

    All the registered participants and the guests of the hotels may use the Weisgal Recreation
    Center (pool and some sport facilities, #40 on map) by showing their name card at the entrance.
    It is strongly recommended to bring swimming suit both for the recreation center and for the trip on Saturday.