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Several papers were co-authored by Alexander Klimov. You can download them here (gzipped postscript). Note that some of them were published by IACR and Springer-Verlag, and the copyright (© Springer-Verlag, © IACR) was assigned to them.

Overdefined Systems of Equations

Efficient Algorithms for Solving Overdefined Systems of Multivariate Polynomial Equations by Nicolas Courtois, Alexander Klimov, Jacques Patarin, and Adi Shamir.

Neural cryptography

Analysis of Neural Cryptography by Alexander Klimov, Anton Mityagin, and Adi Shamir.


A New Class of Invertible Mappings, Cryptographic Applications of T-functions (slides), New Cryptographic Primitives Based on Multiword T-functions, and New Applications of T-functions in Block Ciphers and Hash Functions by Alexander Klimov and Adi Shamir.

Final version of my thesis Applications of T-functions in cryptography.

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