Computer and Human Vision I, Spring 2008

Moebius ring by Escher

The course is being held every Sunday, 16:00 - 18:00 at Ziskind 1

Course Messages:
July 17th   Shimon Ulman's slides are now available. Note that a single file contains the slides of both classes, thus both links points to the same file.
July 14th  Final projects are avialbe here.
May 11th   Two final programming exercises are now available here. Their goal is to create a mosaic out of a video sequence. The first exercise deals with detecting a global translation between two consecutive frames. The second exercise builds on top of the first and uses the detected translation to align the frames and create a large mosaic.
These exercise must be submitted on time.
April 7th   Matlab workshop for the programming exercise: if you wish to participate in a short Matlab workshop, please send Shai an email.
April 6th   The fisrt programming assignement can be found here. Its due date is April 21st.
Feb 24th   Reading Assignment: Basic Image Operations. Please read pages 166-201 in Gonzalez's book (ref. 2 in the References page). The relevant pages were scanned and can be found here.
Feb 24th   Welcome to the course. Please check this page regularly for updates. Please subscribe to the course mailing list by sending Shai an email.