Advanced Topics in Computer Vision, Spring 2007



March 18th, From Local to Global Visual Similarity in Space and in Time.

Speaker: Eli Shechtman

March 25th, What's cooking? Recent Research Results

Speaker: Ronen Basri

April 1st, No Class.

April 8th, Passover - No Class.

April 15th, Fast Image Search.

Speaker: Uri Shabi and Shiri Chechik.

April 22nd, Sound and motion, in harmony.

Speaker: Dr. Yoav Schechner

April 29th, Standard Brain Model for Vision.

Speaker: Tomer Livne and Maria Zeldin.

May 6th, Multiclass SVM and Applications.

Speaker: Yuval Kaminka and Einat Granot.

May 13th, CRF/DRF and Application to Human Pose.

Speaker: Shira Kritchman and Lena Gorelick.

May 20th, Direct visibility of point sets.

Speaker: Ayellet Tal.

May 27th, Color Image Understanding.

Speaker: Denis Simakov and Sharon Alpert.

June 3rd, Globally Optimal Estimates for Geometric Reconstruction Problems.

Speaker: Tom Gilat and Adi Lakritz.

June 10th, Image Parsing.

Speaker: Oren Boiman and Shai Bagon.

June 17th, Integral Shape Matching, Inner Distance, Diffusion Distance.

Speaker: Polikovsky Senya.

June 24th, Motion Blur.

Speaker: Leonid Karlinsky and Michael Dinerstein.

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