*  STKE, Science’s Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment is an excellent resource on news, protocols, papers, reviews and additional up-to-date information on signal transduction, prepared and curated by leading authorities in the field.


*  Biochemistry of signal transduction and regulation, by Gerhard Krauss (2000), gives a systematic and exhaustive overview of different pathways and systems. It is one of very few textbooks available on the topic.  


*  Signal Transduction, by Carl-Henrik Heldin and Mary Purton  ed. (1996), is a collection of clear, concise, and well-organized reviews on major signal transduction systems, progressing from receptors, through intracellular signaling and into nuclear gene expression.


*  Cell 103(2), October 13 2000, contains a series of reviews and minireviews on signal transduction pathways


*  The Alliance for Cellular Signaling (AfCS) and the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) are two major initiatives combining experimental and computational approaches to decipher the architecture and function of signaling pathways.