* The Bio-Pathways Consortium fosters and supports the development of technologies and open standards for representing, handling, accessing, analyzing, and adding value to pathways and protein interaction information.

* The Bio-Ontologies Consortium. The goal of this consortium is the identification and promotion of a practical set of technologies that will aid in the knowledge management and exchange of concepts and representations in the life sciences. A recent paper is available here.

* The Gene Ontology Consortium is producing a dynamic controlled vocabulary that can be applied to all eukaryotes even as knowledge of gene and protein roles in cells is accumulating and changing. The three organizing principles of GOTM are molecular function, biological process and cellular component. A gene product can represent one or more molecular functions, be used in one or more biological processes and may be associated with one or more cellular components. Several genome databases (drosophila, Saccharomyces, mouse, Arabidopsis) are participating in this effort.