The Pathway Bibliography contains a wide collection of journal articles, conference papers, technical reports and related material, related to pathway modeling and bioinformatics. I addition to full bibiolographic details, the list includes, whenever possible, abstract, cross reference to PubMed (via PMID), and a URL to the full-text paper (links may often required paid subscription, of course).


Each entry in the bibliography is associated with keywords describing various aspects including tools, formalisms, biological scope, and functionalities. Detailed categorization can be obtained from the links below, or from the full keyword list.


*  Bibliography page, sorted by first author name [HTML]


*  The full bibliography [txt zipped],[word zipped]


*  Keyword list [txt],[word], including

*  Implementations and tools

*  Formalisms and frameworks

*  Biological scope (primary and secondary)

*  Reaction model

*  Functionalities (data model, simulation, static analysis, comparative, reconstruction, etc)

*  Miscellaneous


The bibliography is updated approximately every 3 months.

Last Update: October 2001