*Calculi for Mobile Processes - The main home page for mobile processes, the pi-calculus and related formalisms, including the ambient calculus. Includes links to a searchable bibliography, major introductory texts, people, groups, institutions, projects, and tools.


*Robin Milnerís Home Page Ė Describes Milnerís recent work on Action Calculi, and provides a link to Milnerís ftp site, with many major papers on the pi-calculus and related work.


*Corrado Priamiís Home Page Ė More information and papers on the stochastic pi-calculus


*Luca Cardelliís Home Page Ė More information and papers on the ambient calculus


*Milner, R. (1999) Communicating and Mobile Systems: The pi-Calculus. Cambridge University Press. An Excellent and straightforward introduction to the calculus, which does not require any prior knowledge in the field.


*Milner, R. (1993) The polyadic pi-calculus: A tutorial.In Bauer F. L., Brauer W. and Schwichtenberg H., Logic and Algebra of Specification, Proceedings of International {NATO} Summer School 94, pp. 428-440


*Milner, R. Parrow J., and Walker D. (1992) A calculus for mobile processes, Part I and II. Information and Computation 100: 1-77


*Priami, C. (1995) The Stochastic pi-calculus. The Computer Journal 38: 578-589