My Picture Irit Dinur אירית דינור

Dept. of Applied Math and Computer Science
(Ziskind building, room 247)
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot, 76100 ISRAEL

Email: [firstname.lastname] at
Phone: 08-9342828
Fax: 08-9346023

I am a professor of computer science at the Weizmann Institute of Science. My research is in Foundations of Computer Science and in Combinatorics, especially Probabilistically Checkable Proofs, hardness of approximation.



Fall 2014: PCPs and Hardness of Approximation - inverse classroom

Fall 2013: Analytical Methods in Computer Science - inverse classroom
Spring 2011: On the Boundary of P and NP
Fall 2010: Complexity Lower bounds
Spring 2009: Coding Theory
Fall 2008: Seminar on PCPs and Hardness of Approximation
Spring 2008: Probabilistically Checkable Proofs
Spring 2007: Data Structures (67109)
Fall 2006: Adv. topics in theory (67902)
Spring 2006: Computational Complexity (67802)
Fall 2005: Analytical Methods in CS and Combinatorics (80630)
Spring 2005: Inapproximability Seminar (67996)
Fall 2004: PCP (67611)

Professional 'Community' Activities:

[Yonatan (born 4.2006)], [Yael (born 6.2007)] and [Shira (born 3.2010)]