Eyal Ronen

I am a PHD student of Prof. Adi Shamir at the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

My research interests are cyber security and applied cryptography, looking at real world implementation of cryptographic and security protocols and primitives (both in software and in hardware). My research is mainly focused on the security of IoT devices.

I received my M.Sc. from the Faculty of Engineering of Tel-Aviv University in 2012. My advisor was Prof. Avishai Wool. Prior to that, in 2006, I received a B.Sc. from the Faculty of Electric Engineering and a BA from the Faculty of Physics of the Technion.

Contact information:

Eyal Ronen
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, 7610001, ISRAEL

Email: eyal dot ronen at weizmann.ac.il
Twitter: @eyalr0





·         Eyal Ronen
Security Applications for Hardware Performance Counters: Software Attestation and Random Generation
M.Sc. Dissertation, Tel-Aviv University, 2012.

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