Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Exact Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Andrei (Andrey) Tyurin

(24.02.1940 - 27.10.2002)

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Andrei Tyurin's program for learning algebraic geometry

Partial list of publications


Papers in the Arxive

1. math.AG/0302249: Hitchin systems on ll-curves
2. math.AG/0302101: Fano versus Calabi - Yau
3. math.AG/0210466 : Quantization, Classical and Quantum Field Theory and Theta - Functions
4. math.AG/0210135: On the Mumford - Narasimhan problem
5. math.AG/0105216 : Delzant models of moduli spaces
6. math.DG/0102118 : Lattice gauge theories and the Florentino conjecture
7. math.DG/0011035 : Three mathematical faces of SU(2) - spin networks
8. math.AG/9909094 : Complexification of Bohr-Sommerfeld conditions
9. math.AG/9909084 : On Bohr-Sommerfeld bases
10. math.AG/9904046 : Quantization and ``theta functions''
11. math.AG/9902027 : Geometric quantization and mirror symmetry
12. math.AG/9806006 : Special Langrangian geometry and slightly deformed algebraic geometry (spLag and sdAG)
13. dg-ga/9507004 : Localisation of the Donaldson's invariants along Seiberg-Witten classes joint with Victor Pidstrigach
14. alg-geom/9406002: Spin canonical invariants of 4-manifolds and algebraic surfaces
15. alg-geom/9210003: The simple method of distinguishing the underlying differentiable structures of algebraic surfaces