Memory Game

Memory Game GUI The Memory Game is a small desktop game. Its inter-object bahavior was specified using 3 MUSDs. The code was generated using the S2A compiler. For more information about S2A, visit the Scenarios in Action website.

We thank Itai Segall for initiating and helping with the programming of the first version of the Memory Game in April 2006.

Last updated: Oct. 4, 2006.

Running the Memory Game

To run the Memory Game, download and extract this zip file. The zip contains the following files: aspectjrt.jar, musdrt.jar, and memorygame.jar.

To run the Memory Game, doubleclick the memorygame.jar.

Note: The Memory Game was developed and tested on Windows platform. We have not tested it on other OS platforms.

Note: Like any other S2A program, running the Memory Game requires Java 1.5 runtime environment.

Source Code etc.

The complete UML model, source and generated code, can be downloaded here. We recommend viewing the project using Eclipse 3.2 after installing Eclipse/uml2 and Eclipse/ajdt (see links on S2A website). The IBM RSA 7.0.0 model can be downloaded here.