RSS News Ticker

Ticker's GUI The RSS News Ticker is a small desktop application that reads RSS news feeds from selected news websites and displays news headlines in a continually running display. When the user clicks a headline, a web browser opens to show the corresponding article. In addition, the Ticker allows the user to set the URL address for the news feed, switch between horizontal and vertical scrolling displays, and control the scrolling speed. It also checks periodically for news feeds updates and displays a thin red/green blinking bar to indicate the application's status.

The RSS News Ticker was constructed using the S2A compiler. For more information about S2A, visit the Scenarios in Action website.

Last updated: Oct. 1, 2006.

Running the RSS News Ticker

To run the RSS News Ticker, download and extract this zip file. The zip contains the following files: aspectjrt.jar, musdrt.jar, newsticker.jar, and a small properties file You may need to update the file (setting proxy and web browser path information) in order for the Ticker to run properly on your machine.

To run the Ticker, doubleclick the newsticker.jar.

Note: The RSS News Ticker was developed and tested on Windows platform. Its GUI is optimized for Windows XP Style desktop. We have not tested it on other OS platforms.

Note: Like any other S2A program, running the RSS News Ticker requires Java 1.5 runtime environment.

NEW! Enabling Scenario Monitoring NEW!

You may want to monitor the execution of the Ticker's scenarios. To do this, put this file at the same directory where the newsticker.jar is. When you run the Ticker, check out the monitor.log file that was created. For more information about scenarios monitoring see the S2A website.

Source Code etc.

The complete UML model, source and generated code, can be downloaded here. We recommend viewing the project using Eclipse 3.2 after installing Eclipse/uml2 and Eclipse/ajdt (see links on S2A website). The IBM RSA 7.0.0 model can be downloaded here.