Elchanan  Mossel     


I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at The Weizmann Institute of Science.

I am from Jerusalem where I did my PhD in Math at the Hebrew University, advised by Prof. Yuval Peres.

Before starting my position, I was a post-doc at the Theory Group of Microsoft Research , Seattle and a Miller fellow in Statistics and Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley.

Research Interests: Combinatorial Statistics, Discrete Fourier analysis and Influences, Randomized Algorithms, Computational Complexity, MCMC, Markov Random Fields, Social Choice, Game Theory, Evolution.

Academic year 08-09: I am on leave from U.C. Berkeley during academic year 08-09.

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Here is my U.C. Berkeley webpage.


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·   Program committees and workshop organization

      Discrete Harmonic Analysis in Probability and Computer Science (Cornell)
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods (Newton Institute, Cambridge)
STOC 2008

      Random and Dynamic Graphs and Networks (IPAM, May 2007)

WABI 2005

Phase Transitions in Computation and Reconstruction (MSRI, Mar 2005)

·  Some past and future Talks.

·    Graduate Students:
Past: Sebastien Roch (graduated May 2007; Currently at Microsoft Research)

Present: Allan Sly
       Arnab Sen (advised jointly with Steve Evans)

          PostDocs mentored:
Past: Jan Arpe (currently at Bertelsmann Foundation)

How to contact me

Voice: +972 (8) 934 4208
Fax: +972 (8) 934 4308
Email: Elchanan.Mossel@weizmann dot ac dot il
(email is the best way to reach me; however, my email latency is high. It may take me several days - several months to respond to your message)

Snail mail

Elchanan Mossel
Department of Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100