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Boaz Nadler


Department of Computer Science
and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science
P.O.Box 26, Rehovot, 76100, Israel

Tel: (972) 8 934 2856
Fax: (972) 8 934 6023
Email: boaz.nadler(at)


       Welcome to my website !

       My main research interests are mathematical statistics, statistical machine learning,
       more generally applied mathematics, and applications in various scientific domains,
       including optics, image and signal processing.

      I am looking for excellent students and post-docs with a strong mathematical background
      and some basic coding skills (e.g. Matlab / R).
      If interested, contact me via email (please attach your cv, list of courses and grades).



Teaching: (Fall 2015)
Introduction to Statistical Inference and Learning

How to prepare and give a good talk

Ratio of Largest Eigenvalue to Trace
of a Wishart Matrix, with Matlab Code

Unsupervised Ensemble Learning

On the Distribution of Roy's Largest Root
under rank one alternatives

Sublinear-Time Edge Detection
with MATLAB code