Young Uri Tachman

Uri Tachman had a history of telepathic experiments. Uri Feige (no relation) wrote about the adventures of the Tachman family at the the laboratories of FEXI - the Foolproof Experiments Institute. Here we will learn something of the young Uri Techman.

Young Mr. Tachman suggested the following protocol for running an experiment to prove his telepathic skills:

  1. The experimenter chooses at random a slip of paper out of a large heap where each paper has a single bit written on it (i.e. a '0' or a'1' with equal numbers). He looks at it and puts it in sealed envelope.
  2. Then Uri Tachman puts a slip of paper with a bit on it and seals it in an envelope. The experimenter gives Uri his envelope and Uri gives the experimenter the envelope.
  3. The experimenter opens the received envelope and checks whether the bit in it is the same as the bit he has chosen.

Soon after Uri proposed the experiments a sharp fellow named Russ raised doubts about its validity. What where they?

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