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Joel Seiferas' TCS Papers Database
The Hypertext Bibliography Project (MIT) STOC, FOCS etc.
Glimpse Bibliography Search
The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
A compendium of NP optimization problems (P. Crescenzi and V. Kann)
Aviezri Fraenkel's bibliography on combinatorial games (local!)
Computer Science Bibliographies
Ron Rivest's Cryptography Bibliography
Doug Stinson's bibliography on secret sharing schemes
Yahoo - Computer Science:Technical Reports
C.S. Tech Reports (indiana)


Call for Papers page (U. of Louvain)


Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (Our own mirror site!)
The Journal of Universal Computer Science


ACM SIGACT's list of useful theory pages
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science
International Association for Cryptologic Research

Class notes and pages

Computational Complexity
Computational Learning Theory and Machine Learning
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Information Theory and Coding Theory

Cryptography and Security

Oded Goldreich's Foundations of Cryptography page
CIPHER: Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society's TC on Security and Privacy.
Ron Rivest's Cryptography and Security page.
NetBill Project Home Page
The NetCheque(SM) network payment system
Commercial Services on the Net
Security research at IBM Zurich
Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash
The SSL protocol
A page containing information on Netscape's security problems including the recent problem with the pseduo-random generator.
Yahoo's security links
Crypto Law Survey
The NIS&T meeting on key escrow export
Security/Cryptography Standards, Books, and Papers
Internet RFCs site
Theory of Cryptography Library Mirror Site at the Hebrew University.

Linear Programming

Imperial College, Management School
lp_solve ftp site
Linear Programming FAQ
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Semidefinite Programming
Farid Alizadeh's Semidefinite Programming
Electronic Commerce and Auctions
AuctionBot (University of Michigan)
Hal Varian's page (UC Berkeley)

Non-standard models of computation

Laboratory for Molecular Science at USC (Len Adleman)
Erik Winfree's Molecular Computation page
John Reif's Bookmarks Lot's of pointers to molecular and quantum computing.
Smolin's Quantum Computing Page
Quantum Information/Computation/Cryptography page at Stanford
Quantum Information/Computation/Cryptography page at Oxford
Laboratory for Theoretical & Quantum Computing at the University of Montreal.


TCS Virtual Rolodex
Dennis Grinberg's Theory Page
Theory Net

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