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The Judith Kleeman Professorial Chair

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Moni Naor                         מוני נאור

Dept. Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100 ISRAEL

Office Phone: +972-8-934-3701
Home Phone: +972-3-644-8781
Fax: +972-8-934-4122
Ziskind Building , Room 248
Email: Description: Description: moni.naor at weizmann
                    dot ac dot il

 I am a professor of computer science at the Weizmann Institute of Science. My research is in Foundations of Computer Science, especially Cryptography.

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4th Greater Tel-Aviv Area Cryptography Symposium new!

Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science 2015 (6th ITCS)

Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science 2014 (5th ITCS)

Foundations of Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute


Ilan Komargodski
Eylon Yogev
Asaf Ziv

Former PhD:

Danny Harnik - now at IBM Research
Tzvika Hartman  (joint with Ron Shamir) - now at Google
Yehuda Lindell   (joint with Oded Goldreich) - now at Bar Ilan University
Tal Moran -  now at IDC
Kobbi Nissim - now at Ben-Gurion University
Asaf Nussbaum
Benny Pinkas   - now at University of Haifa
Omer Reingold - now back at Weizmann
Alon Rosen   - now at IDC
Gil Segev  - Hebrew University
Udi Wieder - now at Microsoft
Avishai Wool  (joint with David Peleg) - now at Tel-Aviv University    

Former MSc:

Gillat Kol
Ran Halperin
Hillel Maoz
Uri Nadav
Guy Rothblum
Sitvanit Ruah  

Courses home page:

·         Randomized Algorithms (with Robi Krauthgamer)  2012/13


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