Meet the New Innovators ITCS 2015

On Sunday, January 11th 2015 evening, following the conference dinner, there will be the an event "Meet the New Innovators" where young researchers, PhD students and post-docs will give short (about 5 minutes) talks presenting themselves and their research interests and achievements. We had similar events in ITCS 2012-14 and they were a big success. To sign up, please email with the subject "Meet the New Innovators" by December 30th 2014 and a short description of your work.


Meet the New Innovators, Sunday January 11th 2015, 19:30

Session Chair: Silvio Micali


Ilan Nehama
Richard Peng
Yannai A. Gonczarowski

Rachel Cummings
Eylon Yogev
Mary Wooters
Mika Gs

Yohay Kaplan

Simina Brnzei
Gilad Asharov

A musical rant: Shaull Almagor and Jonathan Mosheiff. See the video

Soledad Villar

Erel Segal Halevi
Yael Amsterdamer
ment Canonne
Elazar Goldenberg
Ilan Komargodski
Gali Noti
Ilya Razenshteyn

Justin Holmgren

Gil Cohen


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