Complexity Theoretic Aspects of Property Testing

Oded Goldreich

Notes for the MFO meeting on Complexity Theory. In the meeting I only managed to talk of the first work.

For the purpose of this meeting, I would say that "Property Testing is a PCP of Proximity without the proof part".

Relation between adaptive and non-adaptive query complexity of graph properties in the adjacency matrix model

For any fixed property $Pi$, let $q$ denote the query complexity of (general, i.e., adaptive) testing of $Pi$, and $Q$ dente the corresponding non-adaptive query complexity (i.e., which refers to non-adaptove testers of $Pi$). Following is a list of known and conjectured results, where $tildeOmega$ and $tildeTheta$ denote bounds with a slackness of a polylogarithmic factor. All existential results are proved using natural graph properties.

Hierarchy Theorems for Property Testing

Such results are proved for three central models of property testing: the general model of generic function, the model of bounded-degree graph properties, and the model of dense graph properties (in the adjacency matrix model). From a technical perspective, the treatment of the latter is most interesting, since it raises and resolves various natural questions regarding graph blow-up. For details, see my paper with M. Krivelevich, I. Newman and E. Rozenberg.

See also text for the official report.

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