Books Edited by Oded Goldreich

Theoretical Computer Science - Essays in Memory of Shimon Even (2006)

Editors: Oded Goldreich, Arnold L. Rosenberg, Alan L. Selman

This volume commemorates Shimon Even, one of founding fathers of Computer Science in Israel, who passed away on May 1, 2004. The volume contains research contributions, surveys and educational essays in theoretical computer science, written by former students and close collaborators of Shimon. In accordance with Shimon's style and principles, the essays address natural computational problems and are intended to be accessible to most researchers in theoretical computer science.

Property Testing (2010)

Editor: Oded Goldreich.

Property Testing is the study of super-fast (randomized) algorithms for approximate decision making. These algorithms are given direct access to items of a huge data set, and determine whether this data set has some predetermined (global) property or is far from having this property. Remarkably, this approximate decision is made by accessing a small portion of the data set. This volume provides a collection of extended abstracts and surveys that reflect the program of a mini-workshop on Property Testing, which took place in ITCS in Jan 2010.

Also edited the Proceedings of the 2nd Israel Symposium on the Theory of Computing and Systems (ISTCS), 1993.

Also edited a volume of collected works, titled Studies in Complexity and Cryptography, appear as LNCS 6650, 2011.

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