The GGM Construction does NOT yield Correlation Intractable Function Ensembles

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We consider the function ensembles emerging from the construction of Goldreich, Goldwasser and Micali (GGM), when applied to an arbitrary pseudoramdon generator. We show that, in general, such functions fail to yield correlation intractable ensembles. Specifically, it may happen that, given a description of such a function, one can easily find an input that is mapped to zero under this function.

Added Note (Sept 2007)

Theorem 5 asserts that for the resulting function ensemble, with probability at least 10% over the choice of the function f, one can quickly find a string x in the f-preimage of 0. The argument can be easily modified to finding several (different) such preimages, because the randomly-labeled tree (considered on page 5) is likely to have several leaves in $S_\ell$ (rather than a single one). It follows that the GGM construction also does NOT yield collision-resilient hash functions.

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