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Rami Jaschek


I am currently researching epigenetic control mechanisms using spatial clustering algorithm under the supervision of Amos Tanay.


1988-1991 BSc - Hebrew University - Exact Sciences
Math, Physics, Computer Science - Talpiot Program
1991-1996 MSc - Hebrew University - Exact Sciences
Computer Science - Distributed Artificial Inteligence
2008- PhD Studies - Weizmann Institute of Science - BioInformatics
Work in progress


Dynamic Combinatorial Interactions of RUNX1 and cooperating partners regulates megakaryocytic differentiation in cell line models Blood 2010
Niv Pencovich, Rami Jaschek, Amos Tanay, Yoram Groner
Spatial Clustering of Multivariate Genomic and Epigenomic Information Recomb 2009
Rami Jaschek, Amos Tanay
Functional Anatomy of Polycomb and Trithorax Chromatin Landscapes in Drosophila Embryos PLoS Biology 2009
Bernd Schuettengruber, Mythily Ganapathi, Benjamin Leblanc, Manuela Portoso, Rami Jaschek, Bas Tolhuis, Maarten van Lohuizen, Amos Tanay, and Giacomo Cavalli
Functional Enhancers at the Gene-Poor 8q24 Cancer-Linked Locus PLoS Genetics 2009
Li Jia, Gilad Landan, Mark Pomerantz, Rami Jaschek, Paula Herman, David Reich, Chunli Yan1, Omar Khalid1, Phil Kantoff, William Oh, J. Robert Manak, Benjamin P Berman, Brian E Henderson, Baruch Frenkel, Christopher A Haiman, Matthew Freedman, Amos Tanay, Gerhard A Coetzee

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