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Ronen Basri: Lab and Group

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My research group shares space with Anat Levin’s, Michal Irani’s, Tamar Flash’s, and Shimon Ullman’s groups at the Moross Laboratory for Vision Research and Robotics.

Research scientists

 Meirav Galun


 Ofra Golani

PhD students

 Shahar Kovalsky. Thesis topic: Geometry and optimization.

 Konard Simon. Thesis topic: Shape deformation.

 Ofer Bartal. Thesis topic: Lighting analysis and photometric stereo.

 Uri Patish.



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 Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman. “3D shape reconstruction with shading information and prior knowledge ,” 2009.

 Lena Gorelick “Object and action recognition using Poisson-based shape representations,” 2009 (advised jointly with Achi Brandt).

 Darya Frolova. “Analysis of lighting and applications to 3-dimensional reconstruction of moving and static objects,” 2009.

 Ayelet Akselrod-Ballin, “Multiscale multi-channel 3D segmentation and classification of MRI,” 2007(advised jointly with Achi Brandt).

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