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Ronen Basri: Life

Nov. 2005, my mother, Gila, celebrates her 80th birthday. My sister, Hanna, is throwing a surprise party with many family members present.

Gila, Marcel, and Clodet in Gila's 80th Birthday Party.

The song is a tribute to my mother’s life, her close relations with her family (just how close see the attached map) and her marvelous Iraqi cooking. (See on right  Gila feeding her grandchildren Ido and Yinon “Kuba Selek” - beats - with rice of course.)

The song is named “Rummy too” after the card game Gila plays weekly, and the lyrics were matched to the famous tune “La Femme D'Hector” by Georges Brassens (known to Israelites as “Yoyo Gam” through Dan Almagor and Lehakat Hanachal). To watch the video, click at the play button below, or follow this link. For orientation check out the family tree and pictures at the bottom of this page.

Gila (left) with Marcel and Klodet at the party.

Text Box: I dedicate the song to my late father, Naim. His simple, yet rich life, and his courage in his difficult final years will always be admired.

She asks me (and others, ahead of time) to say a few words, and I choose to do this with a song.

From left: Haim, Gila, Moshe, Shua, and Aliza.

Gila’s family, parents Hanna and Ezra with their five children.

My family: parents Gila and Naim with Hanna, Ronen, and Shaul.

Tamar and kids, Amit and Omer.