Tom Gur

PhD student
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Weizmann Institute of Science

I am very fortunate to have Oded Goldreich as my advisor.
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I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on complexity theory, sublinear-time algorithms, and cryptography.
More specifically, my research is in property testing, probabilistically checkable proofs, interactive proofs, and coding theory.

Relaxed Locally Correctable Codes
with Govind Ramnarayan and Ron Rothblum

An Adaptivity Hierarchy Theorem for Property Testing (Fifty Shades of Adaptivity)
with Clément Canonne

Distribution Testing Lower Bounds via Reductions from Communication Complexity
with Eric Blais and Clément Canonne

Universal Locally Verifiable Codes and 3-Round Interactive Proofs of Proximity for CSP
with Oded Goldreich

Universal Locally Testable Codes
with Oded Goldreich

A Hierarchy Theorem for Interactive Proofs of Proximity
with Ron Rothblum
ITCS 2017

Proofs of Proximity for Context-Free Languages and Read-Once Branching Programs
with Oded Goldreich and Ron Rothblum
ICALP 2015
(Invited to the ICALP 2015 special issue of Information and Computation)

Strong Locally Testable Codes with Relaxed Local Decoders
with Oded Goldreich and Ilan Komargodski
CCC 2015

Non-Interactive Proofs of Proximity
with Ron Rothblum
ITCS 2015
Computational Complexity, 2016

Arthur-Merlin Streaming Complexity
with Ran Raz
ICALP 2013
Information and Computation, 2015 (special issue for ICALP 2013)

Testing Booleanity and the Uncertainty Principle
with Omer Tamuz
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, 2013

Leveraging Genetic Variability across Populations for the Identification of Causal Variant
with Noah Zaitlen, Bogdan Pasaniuc, Elad Ziv, and Eran Halperin
American Journal of Human Genetics, 2010

A Generic Coalescent-Based Framework for the Selection of a Reference Panel for Imputation
with Bogdan Pasaniuc, Ram Avinery, Christine F. Skibola, Paige M. Bracci, and Eran Halperin
Genetic Epidemiology, 2010


On Locally Verifiable Proofs of Proximity
PhD Thesis
Weizmann Institute of Science, 2017

In 2012, I completed an MSc in mathematics and computer science at the Weizmann Institute of Science. My advisor was Ran Raz.
In 2010, I completed a BSc in mathematics and computer science at Tel Aviv University.

Room 147
Mailing address
Tom Gur
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100