Vered Rom-Kedar

[LOGO]Department of computer science and applied mathematics
Weizmann Institute
Rehovot, Israel 76100



Short CV:







1980-1983               Bsc in Applied Mathematics, Technion, Israel.

1983-1985               Military service at the IDF.

1985-1988               Phd in Applied Mathematics at CalTech.

1988-1991               Post-doctorate (Mathematics and Physics) at the U. of Chicago.

1992-1999               Senior researcher at Weizmann Institute.

2000-2008               Associate Professor  at Weizmann Institute.

2008-present           Professor at Weizmann Institute.

   2008-present           The Estrin family Chair of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

   2010-2013               Chair of the Moross research school of Mathematics and Computer Science.

   2014-2016                Department head.




Editorial board:

Editor of  SIADS

Advisory board of "Chaos"


Past Service:


Physica D

Selected Invited Lectures:


·        "Conference on Dynamics in Systems Biology", Aberdeen  14-18 September 2009.

·        "New directions in Dynamics" to be held at the Lorentz Center of Leiden University from 7-11 December 2009.

·        The international conference "Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems" at Belgrade, September 2008.

·        Conference on "Stability and Instability in Mechanical Systems: Recent progress and mathematical theory", Barcelona, September 2008.

·        The workshop `KAM Theory and its applications', Lorentz Center, Leiden, December 2008. 

·        The "Renormalization in Dynamical Systems" workshop, the Erwin Schroedinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI), Wien, November 2007.

·        Invited participant, delivering two lectures, at Telluride Summer Workshop on "The Complexity of Dynamics and Kinetics in Many Dimensions", Telluride, US, August 2007.

·        Invited lecture and four tutorials at the IMS program "Dynamical Chaos and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: From Rigorous Results to Applications in Nano-systems", Singapore, Aug 2006.

·        Workshop on dynamics of structured systems, Oberwolfach, December 2003.

·        Frontier of Science and Engineering in the middle east, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Turkey, September 2003.

·        IPAM Program on Symplectic Geometry and Physics, Spring 2003.

The NBDES (North Britain Differential Equations Seminar) lecture series, November 2002,


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