The  Weizmann  Institute  of  Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Vision and Robotics Seminar

Daniel Keren
Department of Computer Science
University of Haifa

will speak on

Bayesian Anecdotes - Two Applications
of the Bayesian Method to Computer Vision

This talk will survey two applications of the maximum a-posteriori (MAP) principle, derived using Bayes' rule.  The first is the problem of determining the ``style" of an image. An application to identifying an artist given a painting will be presented, which yields results consistent with human intuition. The second concerns motion recovery, for which we offer a new paradigm based on computing the MAP estimate of the motion parameters and FOE. The main novelty is that all domain-source point combinations are considered, as opposed to a single ``optimal" combination. While this involves the optimization of non-trivial cost functions, the results are considerably superior to those of the so-called algebraic and geometric methods, especially when there is a lot of noise present, and/or when the measurement points approach a degenerate configuration.

Joint work with Ilan Shimshoni, Liran Goshen, and Michael Werman.

The lecture will take place in the
Lecture Hall, Room 1, Ziskind Building
on Thursday, December 20, 2001
at noon