Vision and Robotics Seminar 2003

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December 25, Anat Levin (The Hebrew University)
User assisted separation of reflections from a single image using a sparsity prior.

December 18, Ohad Ben-Shahar (Yale University)
The perceptual organization of visual flows: From differential geometry to visual cortex.

December 11, Sigal Berman
(Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Decentralized Autonomous Automatic Guided Vehicles in Material Handling.

December 4, Amit Gruber (Hebrew University)
Factorization with uncertainty and missing data: exploiting temporal coherence.

December 1, 13:30 - Nava Rubin (New York University)
Dynamics of perceptual bi-stability in ambiguous motion displays.

November 27, Ayellet Tal (Technion)
Mesh Decomposition with Applications.

November 20, Lior Noy (Weizmann)
Features of Human Movement Imitation.

November 13, Margarita Osadchy (NEC, Princeton)
Illumination Insensitive Methods of Visual Comparison.

November 6, Moshe Ben-Ezra
Motion Deblurring Using Hybrid Imaging.

July 14, 14:30 - Eitan Sharon (Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University)
Probing the Space of Shapes: a Mathematical View .

June 19, Elizabeth B. Torres (Sloan-Swartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology, California Institute of Technology)
A Geometric Model of Motion Control .

June 12, Iddo Drori (School of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University)
Fragment-Based Image Completion .

June 2, 14:30 - Benjamin Kimia (Brown University)
Object Recognition based on Shape .

May 29, 11:00 - Yoni Wexler
Learning epipolar geometry from image sequences .

May 22 - Lihi Zelnik-Manor
On Multi-body and Multi-Sequence Factorizations .

May 15 - Ron Kimmel (CS Dept., Technion)
3D Face Recognition .

May 8 - Yoav Schechner (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Technion)
Codes for Multiplexing Images and Lighting .

May 1 - Lior Wolf (Hebrew University)
Feature Selection - the Emergence of Sparsity in a Weighted-based Approach .

April 10 - Arie Feuer (Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion - Haifa)
Motion Aided Sampling and Reconstruction .

April 3 - Boris Sherman (SEM Division, PDC, Applied Materials)
Industrial Applications of Images Processing Algorithms .

March 27 - Denis Simakov
Dense Shape Reconstruction of a Moving Object under Arbitrary, Unknown Lighting .

March 13 - Daniel Keren (Haifa University)
Recovery of Epipolar Geometry as a Manifold Fitting Problem .

March 6 - Ehud Ahissar (Department of Neurobiology)
Neuronal Mechanisms of Active Sensing .

Feb 6 - Amiram Grinvald, Dirk Jancke and Fredric Chavane (Department of Neurobiology)
Imaging cortical correlates of illusion in primary visual cortex .

Jan 30 - Michel Vidal-Naquet
Visual Features for Object Classification .

Jan 23 - Alfred Bruckstein (Computer Science Department, Technion, Haifa)
The Variational Principles of Image Analysis .

Jan 16 - Guy Gilboa (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technion, Haifa)
PDE-based image processing and the triple-well potential for image sharpening .

Jan 9 - Shai Avidan (Interdisciplinary Center)
Subset Selection for Computationally Efficient SVM Classification .

Jan 2 - Michael Werman (The Hebrew University)
Image Processing x 2 .