Ronen Basri
Phone: 2809
Room: 227Z
  • Object recognition.
  • Perceptual grouping.
  • Robot navigation.

Michal Irani
Phone: 4297
Room: 224Z
  • Visual motion analysis.
  • Compact video representations.
  • Multi-sensor image/sequence alignment.
  • Real-world applications of video analysis (multimedia, surveillance, 3D shape recovery, moving object detection, video enhancement, video compression, video indexing).

Shimon Ullman
Phone: 2894
Room: 208Z
  • Human and machine vision.
  • Object recognition.
  • Brain modeling.
Anat Levin
Phone: 3702
Room: 260Z
  • Computational photography
  • Low and mid level vision
  • Vision for graphics

Yaron Lipman

Room: 259Z
  • Geometric Modeling and Processing, Computer Graphics,
  • Shape comparison and analysis, Image Processing,
  • Discrete Differential Geometry, Scattered data approximation,
  • Computational anatomy/biology

Meirav Galun
Phone: 2141
Room: 303Z
  • Medical imaging.
  • Data analysis.
  • Multiscale computational methods.
  • Statistical physics.