Algebraic Modes of Representations
The Canicular Days

July 16-18, 2017 ,
Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science
The Weizmann Institute of Science


The conference will be held on campus at The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, in Lecture Room 1 at The Jacob Ziskind building.

Sunday, July 16

  • 17:30         Reception Dinner and Poster Session

    • Posters titles:
    • Seth Baldwin: "An explicit determination of the K-theoretic structure constants of the affine Grassmanian associated to SL(2)"
    • Nurit Barnea:"Borel orbits of Square 0 in the Nilradical of sp(2n;C) and so(n;C)"
    • Mee Seong Im: "The category of finite-dimensional representations of strange Lie superalgebras"
    • Ronit Mansour:"On singular locus of the components of a Springer variety over a nilpotency order 2 endomorphism in sl(n;C)"
    • Thanasin Nampaisarn: "Categories O for Simple Countable-Dimensional Finitary Lie Algebras"
    • Ilia Nekrasov: "Classical plethysms and generelized grassmannians"
    • Victoria Sevostyanova: "Invariants for the adjoint action of the Borel group"
    • Alexander Shevchenko: "Centrally generated primitive ideals in universal enveloping algebra of nilpotent Lie algebra in exceptional types"

Monday, July 17

Tuesday, July 18